Killeen House Hotel
Killeen House Hotel

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Hotel Stories with a Twist:

My website and blog are personal reviews and recommendations of a selection of the many hotels and guesthouses that I have had the pleasure to visit over the years. The properties featured are located in Ireland, Europe and the North America.

Much thought has been given to my selection process. The main theme is diversity.  Hotels are featured because they all have a unique and distinctive character and stand out from the crowd as being very special places to stay.  Far too often hotels proclaim themselves as luxurious and far too often they disappoint; few hotels claim authenticity and character as their unique selling point. The hotels have a broad range from traditional heritage properties to chic, trendy modern hotels.  The reviews showcase different styles and grades; the common denominator being their appeal to the discerning traveller.  They also share the universal distinction of being delightful places to stay.

Naturally some of the properties are members of the Blue Book and the Historic Hotels of Europe but there are many others that I have reviewed  – just because I like them and they have the ability to create a memorable experience and at the risk of repeating myself they are Delightful Hotels

In addition to these Reviews you might find some interesting information on my regular Travel Blog, which periodically features special offers or some other little unknown facts about the hotels or their locality.  More recently I am including some restaurant reviews of some special meals that I have enjoyed.  Feel free to comment as I am always open to new ideas.

Happy reading and remember these are proper stories and not just sound bites!!

Hilary Finlay, Travel Writer & Blogger

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